At Mobile Bottling Source, we take pride in working with our customers and their products. We have over 23 years of experience packaging beer and cider, with over 500,000 cases bottled in 2015. We learn something new from each of our customers and continually strive to improve our services.

We perform a cull CIP (Clean in Place) routine, per manufacturers instructions, before and after every bottling run to insure our equipment remains clean and sanitary.

In 2015 we collaborated with Adam Fleck of Willamette Valley Mobile Testing, to validate manufacturers cleaning procedures are sufficient, and to audit and improve our own processes. We feel strongly that testing and quality insurance needs to be performed by an independent neutral 3rd party, and we are lucky to have Adam as a resource. We highly recommend his services.

Unfortunately we cannot package sour beers, sodas or kombuchas. For ciders we recommend bath pasteurization or Velcorin to insure your product will remain stable and be protected from any potential environmental contamination.