Mobile Bottling Source is excited to offer mobile Velcorin dosing to our Northwest wine & cider customers! Velcorin is very effective at low dosages against a broad range of yeast, bacteria and molds. Unlike other chemical preservatives, Velcorin is non-persistent and does not affect taste, bouquet or color. In addition, Velcorin can remain active for several hours (depending on hydrolysis rate) thereby helping to eliminate contamination from other sources such as bottles, closures and filling equipment.

Learn more about Velcorin here.

We can offer Velcorin dosing either tank-to-tank dosing service, or in-line as part of our bottling services.

Pricing: $.70/gallon on the first 500 gallons and $.40/gallon thereafter. There is also a $150 set-up fee and a $500 minimum.

Contact us with any questions or to schedule!